How to bring SABUDO to you?

Farm area

Not everywhere can grow this type of sea grapes. The sea grape growing area must be a clean sea area, the water source is not affected by industrial wastewater, domestic water, and absolutely away from freshwater from rivers and lakes.
The sea grape growing areas must be convenient for water supply and drainage, less affected by waves, wind, boats, ships, etc.
Our farm covers an area of ​​thousands of square meters. With deep-sea terrain, it can be said that Nha Trang, the great sea of Viet Nam, has many suitable conditions for the formation and development of sea grapes.


The operation of the sea grapes farming model has been stable, and the grape seaweed after harvesting meets good standards in both output and quality.


Fresh sea grape collected at the sea grape growing area is put into a clean, hygienic factory, treated with Japanese technology and processed, packed directly, ensuring food hygiene and safety and maintaining the quality of food, maintain the nutrient content in sea grape into SABUDO Dehydrated Sea Grapes, bringing convenience in the process of using and preserving sea grape for a longer time. 

Because of ensuring the rigor in the process, Sabudo sea grapes - a Vietnamese product has been recognized by FDA and gets to a "fastidious" country in export like Japan.


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